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See How Whole Home Audio Can Differentiate Your Design/Build Projects

As design professionals and builders, you’re always looking for ways to differentiate your work. Whether it’s a custom design flourish, a style in which you specialize, or the use of materials and construction techniques, you look to set yourself apart.

Prospective homebuyers and remodelers are highly interested in smart home technology. Yet, many of them may not know about all the potential a smart home system can offer in their home. One way to get people excited about it is with whole-house audio. Everyone can appreciate the luxury of listening to music all over the house – even outdoors – with consummate ease, without needing an audio system in every room. The beauty of it is that with systems like Control4, whole-house audio is just the "killer app" that pushes people to take the plunge– but they get much more with the rest of the solution. Read on to learn how whole house audio is the gateway for integrating smart home features to make your Charlotte, NC projects stand out from the pack.

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What’s New from Your Charlotte Pinnacle Control4 Dealer?

We are a proud Pinnacle Control4 Dealer because they are always coming out with new and exciting products that we think will benefit our Charlotte, NC area customers. Not only is Control4 smart home automation user-friendly, it’s also customizable. The personalization features of the user interface makes Control4 stand out amongst the other smart home manufacturers. Recently, Control4 announced some new upgrades, called “When>>Then Personalization.” Read this blog to learn all about it.

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What is When>>Then Personalization?

The control device is one of the most important elements of a smart home. With Control4’s 4Sight App, you can customize your home any way you like at any time. This new feature allows you to fine-tune your system depending on your changing tastes in music, your schedule and more. 

For example, if your work schedule is going to change around the holidays, meaning you will be working later hours, you can program you home accordingly. This tool is also useful for when family members come for a visit and may want to adjust your home to make themselves comfortable. You can experiment with the settings and then change it back to the way it was when you need to. 

Let’s say your mother is coming for a visit around Thanksgiving and she likes to keep the home warmer than you. You can change the thermostat and any other settings like the shades, lights and more while she is visiting that week and then change them back to your personal preferences when she leaves. When>>Then Personalization ensures you never lose all of those valuable settings you loved before, and you can play with some new ones too. 

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