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Golf Simulators: Virtual Golfing in Your Charlotte Home

Play like the masters in the comfort of your Charlotte, NC home with a GOLFZON golf simulator that transports you to a stunning, expansive golf course using advanced virtual renderings. Receive instant feedback on your technique and the ball’s flight path on every swing and play all year long when you bring the world of golf to your home.

Golf Simulator Components

  • Ball Flight Tracker

    Track the distance of your golf ball after every hit with multi-tracking technology that delivers fast, accurate data of the ball’s path. Using overhead cameras and infrared sensors, your golf simulator will locate and place the ball after your swing and instantly gather data on the ball’s speed, back spin, launch angle and distance after the strike. With advanced ball flight tracking technology, experience an incredibly accurate representation of how your ball would travel on a real golf course.

  • Swing Analysis Software

    Improve your shot after every hole with comprehensive swing analytics that measure your stance, foot pressure, face angle and more with incredible accuracy. As you prepare to swing, your golf simulator’s swing analysis software measures the essential characteristics of your technique and captures your swing to provide you with an opportunity to review and make your practice perfect. When you combine the power of ball-tracking technology and swing analytics, there’s no need for a trainer.

  • Virtual Golf Course

    Bask in the world’s most beautiful golf courses from the privacy of your home with advanced virtual renderings of a variety of landscapes that feature immaculate fairways, crosscut greens, swaying trees and more. Select the surrounding you desire from a course library and experience the nuance of every tree, bunker and patch of grass that makes each course a unique work of art. With virtual renderings of your favorite golf courses, you’ll enjoy the beauty of nature without the inconvenience of travel and bad weather.

  • Centralized Control

    Create the optimal playing environment from the convenience of your preferred smart device with centralized control of lighting, climate, AV and your golf simulator. One tap on your smartphone, in-wall keypad or tabletop touchscreen can adjust the brightness of your space, raise or lower your motorized shades and stream your favorite playlist overhead as you prepare for a round of golf. Eliminate the frustration of individual remotes for the vast array of technologies within your dedicated game room and throughout your home by integrating every solution inside a single, intuitive interface.

  • Projection System

    Your virtual golfing experience is only as good as the projector and screen you use to display your desired golf course environment. Revel in realism with a true 4K HDR projector that offers the highest contrast ratio and an ultra-bright image for perfect viewing no matter the lighting in your room. We’ll pair your projector with a custom projection impact screen that is made with durable, webbed material like polyester to withstand direct impact from the fastest soaring golf balls at up to 250 miles per hour. With the right projection system in place, enjoy truly immersive golf whenever your heart desires.

Don't Take Our Word For It...

"I love my new golf simulator! The team was knowledgeable, professional and my project was completed on time. I will certainly recommend to my friends."

Jess Day, Charlotte, NC

Auto Tee-up

GOLFZON Auto Tee-up automatically collects and dispense golf balls for each shot. Tee heights are adjustable so that it can be positioned at the right height for player’s driver, every time.

Moving Swing Plate

Equipped with Auto Tee-up and wide plate, the Moving Swing Plate allows players to hit shots anywhere on the multi-surface hitting mats. The Moving Swing Plate’s accommodates 360 degrees of directional movement to provide real-world play by simulating course slopes from tee box to the putting green.

No Delay

Lag is never a problem with GOLFZON's no delay technology. It simulates real ball flight, providing an immersive and precise user-expereince.

GOLFZON golf simulator
GOLFZON golf simulator
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