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The Integrated Home is an HTA-Certified Smart Home Company

Learn What This Certification Means for You and Your Installations

The Integrated Home is an HTA-Certified Smart Home Company

Are you just starting on your smart home automation journey, or perhaps upgrading your smart system with new, exciting features? Maybe you’re only starting in one room and planning on expanding to the rest of your home later.

No matter what your plan is, automation installations can feel overwhelming. This is why teaming up with a trusted and reliable smart home company during the installation process is a must.

The Integrated Home now has a respected certification from the Home Technology Association (HTA), meaning you can rely on our team for every installation in your Lake Norman, NC living space.

As an HTA-certified company, we guarantee we’ll meet your every need and create the envisioned smart home you’ve always dreamed of. But what does this certification mean for you and our services?

Just keep reading below to find out more.

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Why Builders Should Bring Home Automation Systems to Their Projects

Top Benefits of Installing Smart Technologies in New Constructions

Why Builders Should Bring Home Automation Systems to Their Projects

Smart home automation is not just a term for the future – it’s in the here and now. And often, homeowners like to add new innovations and technologies they hear about to their already-built houses.

But as a builder or architect, you know there is no doubt about it – it’s easier on everyone when a new home build has wired infrastructures and systems pre-installed during the construction process. And the same goes for a smart home automation system.

So why should you bring these smart systems to new Charlotte, NC constructions? In this blog, we’ll discuss why smart solutions can elevate a project in every way and how working with a professional smart home company can make all the difference. Keep reading below to learn more.

TAGS: Smart Home Automation | Smart Home System

Why You Should Install a Home Theater System in Your Multi-Purpose Media Room

Create an Entertainment Center for Any Occasion

Why You Should Install a Home Theater System in Your Multi-Purpose Media Room

Watching your favorite films and shows with high-end audio video features transforms any media space. You’ll feel reeled into the 4K visuals and immersed by the high-performance speakers – just like you would at the local cinema in town.

But what if you don’t want a dedicated home theater installed in your Charlotte, NC living space? The great news is that you can bring a high-quality home theater system to your family or media room, where you can still benefit from cinema AV features and technologies.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the smart solutions that can take your media room’s entertainment system to the next level. Want to find out more? Keep reading below!

TAGS: Home Theater Design | Multi-Purpose Media Room

Why Prewiring Is Essential: A Guide for Builders

Learn About Professional Prewiring Services for Your Next Project

Why Prewiring Is Essential: A Guide for Builders

When you build a new home or designated room for your clients, you want to leave them with a space that functions properly and works well for them throughout the years.  And with the popular rise in smart technology, you’ll no doubt be adding these smart solutions to your projects to meet and exceed your clients’ expectations.

And if you’re new to the smart tech world, we highly recommend working with a top-notch smart home company like The Integrated Home – our team will take care of every installation while you focus on building and planning.

But how can you ensure all these smart features and equipment will work in a home long after you’ve left?  That’s where home prewiring services come into play.  Laying down a wiring groundwork in a home guarantees that an automation system will work for your Charlotte, NC clients well into the future.

We’ll take you through the process of these services in this blog, so you’ll know how to deliver the best home builds and setups for your homeowners going forward.  Keep reading below for more!

TAGS: Professional Prewiring | Wiring Infrastructure