Sync Your Smart Lighting with Audio, Security, & Motorized Shades


Create Custom, Livable Scenes with Control4

Smart lighting control is, in our opinion, one of the most exciting and beneficial developments of recent technology. You can create schedules for your home’s lights, turn rooms on with a voice command, and even customize the color temperature and brightness of each bulb. But with a smart home system like Control4, you can take possibilities a step further when you combine your smart lighting with other home devices.

If you wish to transform your Lake Norman, NC home’s atmosphere, security, and more, continue reading for our lighting automation tips.


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How Do Golf Simulators Work?


Golf Fanatics, See What You’re Missing with a Home Golf Simulator

Unlike running or yoga, golf is a hobby that can’t be done on a whim at home or in the neighborhood. You have to book time at the club, load up the car, and head to the golf course. And when the weather is poor or if you don’t have time for all eighteen holes, you may find yourself unable to partake in your favorite sport.

That’s where a golf simulator helps. It isn’t Wii Sports or an arcade game; professionals use golf simulators for their precise reactions and measurements. But how does a golf simulator work? Continue reading to see how it will function in your Charlotte, NC home.


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Trust an HTA-Certified Integrator for Smart Home Automation


The Integrated Home Celebrates Three Years as a Luxury Tier HTA Dealer

If you’d like to bring multi-room audio, a home theater, or smart technology to your Charlotte, NC home, you want to be sure it works perfectly, looks great, and will be installed without delays or issues. But if you’re using a DIY approach or hire a subpar integrator, you may be left with a mess of wires, a system that isn’t wholly connected or is challenging to upgrade years down the line.  

So how can you ensure your smart home automation installation is the best? Look for an HTA Certified integrator. The Home Technology Association upholds the only industry standard of excellence for home technology installation companies. In Charlotte, The Integrated Home has been a Luxury Tier member for the past three years. We’ll explain what that means and more below!


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Architects, Could You Use a Home Prewiring Installation?


Give Homeowners What They Want & Make Smart Systems Easier to Install

For any new home build, smart technology is now an essential component to consider. But homeowners can be placed in a difficult situation if they move in without proper prewiring. If they would like to install multi-room audio and a security setup in the same system, it will be much more of a headache to open walls and run wires after-the-fact.

So if you’re an architect or builder working with clients who are interested in smart technology and luxury lifestyles, consider a home prewiring installation. Based in Charlotte, NC, we perform low-voltage wiring installations specifically for smart systems. But what is prewiring, and why could your project benefit?  


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Oscar Movies Look & Sound Better with a Professional Home Theater System


The Audio & Displays to Enhance Your Movie Showings

Every fall and winter, serious Oscar-contending movies start to hit theaters. Yearly we can expect beautiful cinematography, vibrant sound mixing, and well-written dialogue. Whether you’re watching winners from last year like Green Book or The Favourite or this year’s nominees like Marriage Story, there’s a good way to do it—and then there’s the best way. Want to experience the best way?

Continue reading to learn about the latest home theater technology for your Lake Norman, NC home. With a home theater system that looks and sounds this good, your local cinema owners will be green with envy.  


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