Create an Outdoor Entertainment Zone with Audio and Video


Make the Most from Your Outdoor Areas, Day or Night

With relatively mild winters and beautiful springs and autumns, North Carolina is a place where the outdoor seasons can be enjoyed more than other areas. And there’s no reason you can’t enjoy them in the convenience of your own backyard. One way to make sure you’re never bored outside is with an outdoor audio/video entertainment setup. 

No matter the size and layout of your outdoor space, there are outdoor entertainment solutions for your Charlotte home. You can enjoy music on your patio or all over the backyard and TV in the sun or your comfortably shaded covered patio. Keep reading to explore the options below. 

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Whole House Audio – the Gateway to a Smart Home


See How Whole Home Audio Can Differentiate Your Design/Build Projects

As design professionals and builders, you’re always looking for ways to differentiate your work. Whether it’s a custom design flourish, a style in which you specialize, or the use of materials and construction techniques, you look to set yourself apart.

Prospective homebuyers and remodelers are highly interested in smart home technology. Yet, many of them may not know about all the potential a smart home system can offer in their home. One way to get people excited about it is with whole-house audio. Everyone can appreciate the luxury of listening to music all over the house – even outdoors – with consummate ease, without needing an audio system in every room. The beauty of it is that with systems like Control4, whole-house audio is just the "killer app" that pushes people to take the plunge– but they get much more with the rest of the solution. Read on to learn how whole house audio is the gateway for integrating smart home features to make your Charlotte, NC projects stand out from the pack.

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3 Projection Screen Considerations for Your Home Theater Design


Keep these factors in mind while choosing the centerpiece of your home cinema

A projection screen is a classic display choice for a home theater design. A 100-inch or larger screen most closely recreates the commercial theater experience in a home environment, and the sheer size of the screen brings all your content to life before your eyes. Therefore, choosing the right projection screen for your theater in Charlotte, NC, is paramount — not only because the screen is the centerpiece of your room design but also because the display has a significant impact on your overall viewing experience.

Keep reading to learn three considerations to keep in mind while selecting the right projection screen for the most authentic and enjoyable movie-watching experience.

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Protect Your Audio-Video Installation from Power Problems


SurgeX Power Management Solutions Keep Expensive Equipment Safe

If you live in North Carolina, you’ve likely experienced it. The brief summer thunderstorm with heavy lighting took out the power in your neighborhood. When it came back on, some of your electronics didn’t quite work anymore.

Of course, any good audio-video installer (like The Integrated Home) will always protect sensitive and costly equipment in a home theater or media room with a good power conditioning and surge protection system. Clean, stable power is essential for the proper operation of your equipment and to prevent damage from unexpected power surges.

Fortunately, today’s power protection solutions are more sophisticated than ever. The new SurgeX Squid system is one such solution, packing advanced power protection and analytics in a compact package that’s easy to install in your home theater, home office, or anywhere where you need to protect sensitive electronics. Keep reading to learn more about power management and protection solutions for your Charlotte home.

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Designers: Showcase Your Projects in the Perfect Light with Lighting Control


Elevate Your Interior Designs with Smart Lighting

Lighting should be an integral part of interior design. As a design professional, you already know that. But how many projects have you encountered where lighting design has been an afterthought? The lighting may have been functional, but it did little to enhance the home’s aesthetics.

As a designer, you know that making every space look its absolute best depends on lighting as a design component, whether by day or night. You also understand how a room can be transformed from drab to delightful with the right lighting. As experienced home technology integrators in Charlotte, NC, we want to give you another tool in your design bag for showcasing your designs – lighting control systems. Keep reading to see how smart lighting can elevate your next project.

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