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We know home prewiring services can be overwhelming with their technical jargon. Check out our blog for accessible information to find out which solutions are ideal for your home.

Why Prewiring Is Essential: A Guide for Builders

Learn About Professional Prewiring Services for Your Next Project

Why Prewiring Is Essential: A Guide for Builders

When you build a new home or designated room for your clients, you want to leave them with a space that functions properly and works well for them throughout the years.  And with the popular rise in smart technology, you’ll no doubt be adding these smart solutions to your projects to meet and exceed your clients’ expectations.

And if you’re new to the smart tech world, we highly recommend working with a top-notch smart home company like The Integrated Home – our team will take care of every installation while you focus on building and planning.

But how can you ensure all these smart features and equipment will work in a home long after you’ve left?  That’s where home prewiring services come into play.  Laying down a wiring groundwork in a home guarantees that an automation system will work for your Charlotte, NC clients well into the future.

We’ll take you through the process of these services in this blog, so you’ll know how to deliver the best home builds and setups for your homeowners going forward.  Keep reading below for more!

TAGS: Professional Prewiring | Wiring Infrastructure

What Are Your Smart Home's Wiring Needs?

Find Out How the Right Foundation Makes All the Difference

What Are Your Smart Home's Wiring Needs?

New constructions include a lot of decisions, and we know it's easy to get overwhelmed. Home prewiring services with their technical jargon are usually at the bottom of the list. Even if owners know technology is important to them, they assume they can take care of it at a later time.

But wiring requirements have expanded beyond the traditional electric landscape. Now, homes need the necessary prewire for surveillance, lighting, climate control, entertainment and more. Although retrofits are possible down the line, prewiring for your smart home needs will result in a smoother, future-proof installation.

TAGS: Connected Home | Home Network Setup | Smart Home Installation