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An Expert’s Guide to Outdoor Video

What do I need for outdoor entertainment?

An Expert’s Guide to Outdoor Video

Spring and summer are great times to catch up on your favorite TV shows, sports games and movies. We have spring break to look forward to, as well as summer vacations and parties. A great way to entertain friends and family in your Charlotte, NC home as well as enjoy your outdoor spaces is to add a TV or home theater system to your backyard. Initially, outdoor audio video may sound more involved and complicated than it is, but you can trust us to install the right system that works for your family and lasts years into the future. Keep reading to learn more.

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Outdoor TVs

A typical TV would never survive outside. The sun, wind and rain would destroy the device. However, audio video installation companies have exclusive relationships with dealers that provide weather-resistant audio/video. Our partners Seura and Sunbrite have TVs that can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, moisture and an ultra-bright sun. Take for example Seura’s Storm Ultra Bright Television. Created for super sunny areas on your deck or by the pool, this TV plays crystal clear images in vivid color in the brightest sun. It has a triple lock seal to protect the device from all kinds of contaminants and rain, and can also operate in negative 30 degrees Fahrenheit. We know it never gets that cold in Charlotte, but it does show how these TVs can survive abnormal temperatures. Since it comes in a variety of sizes and can be mounted onto virtually any surface, you get to decide how big you want this incredible TV to be and where you want it to go. Imagine yourself catching a football game while you’re in the hot tub or enjoying a cocktail on your outdoor patio while watching a movie.

Outdoor Projectors and Screens

The Integrated Home can take your outdoor video a step further by installing an entire home theater system in your backyard. How is that possible? Just as our weatherproof TVs can survive the harshest environments, some of our projectors and screens are designed to live in the great outdoors. We can also help you design an outdoor area that is covered to protect your family and friends from the rain if it ever comes down.

If you enjoy entertaining large groups of people, an outdoor theater is a great way to add depth and personality to your patio or verandah. An outdoor theater frees you from the typical size constraints of an indoor theater—after all, most people have a lot more empty space to develop outside their homes than they do inside. That means you can choose a larger screen, more people can enjoy the movie, and they can do so in unconventional manners.

However, there are some cons to outdoor home theaters too that you should take into consideration. Setting up the proper acoustics and lighting for outdoor theaters is a tad more challenging. But these challenges can be overcome by choosing an integrator like us for your installation. We will choose the right equipment for the environment, such as a projector screen that rejects ambient light to keep your picture clear and crisp at all times.

If you would like to catch a football game, movie, or TV show poolside or on your patio, contact us by filling out this online form. Tell us exactly what you are looking for and we’ll design a solution that meets your exact needs.