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How to Get the Most out of Your 4K Home Theater

Make Sure Your Lake Norman Home Has the Latest Video Technology

How to Get the Most out of Your 4K Home Theater

Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed crowds of people rush to the nearest stores to purchase a 4K TV for their home theater or media room. Many people want to have the very best picture on the market for their Lake Norman, NC residence, and it’s no wonder why when they see such beautiful images on a UHD screen. Yet some homeowners are still not getting the best picture with their home theater system because their settings aren’t right, their cables aren’t compatible, or their system doesn’t match the content specifications. In this blog, we are going to cover exactly what you need to get the most out of your 4K TV or projector. 

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The most common issue we see in homes is not having the right cables in the home theater or media room. Ultra High Definition technology is four times the resolution of HD, or 1080 pixels, and that means your cables need to support four times the information. Add HDR into the equation and you could experience a downscaled signal or even no picture at all. You need to upgrade your cables to ensure you have the proper amount of bandwidth. Using the right cables is essential for all of the devices in your home theater, including the UHD Blu-ray player and cable box. For any devices contained within the theater, say a local UHD Blu-ray player, you can connect them with HDMI 2.0 cables. For any hardware racked neatly in the basement, you’ll want to fortify your signal with fiber optic cables which, unlike HDMI 2.0, can transmit 4K signals over long distances.

Ensuring a Reliable Signal

Another common problem with some 4K theaters is the chain, which is the line of devices that route the signal from the source to the display. For example, you may have an XBOX One sending a signal to an AV receiver, which sends it to a switcher, which then finally send it to your TV. Even if you change your cables to HDMI 2.0, you may still have issues with the communication between devices. If your receiver can’t handle the full signal, it will scale it down to process it—meaning that even though you’ve spent money on 4K, you aren’t watching it.

The truth is the best way to ensure you home theater or media room is working properly, is to hire an integrator to update your technology, ensure the settings are correct, and test the system to make 100 percent sure you’re getting exactly what you want. The Integrated Home has friendly, personalized service to help you customize your North Carolina home. That way you can get right to enjoying that Star Wars Battlefront game session with your friends or watch the newest 4K movie.

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