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Play Year-Round at Home with a Golf Simulator


Check Out These Simulators from Golfzon Before Deciding on the Best Option for Your Home

There’s nothing like spending a day outside playing golf, but the weather in Charlotte, NC, isn’t known for being predictable. Plus, you have a busy life; making it down to the course every weekend isn’t always feasible.

At the Integrated Home, we can turn your golfing dreams into reality—and you won’t even have to leave home! Whether you are a seasoned pro or a fan looking to spend some time practicing with friends and family, there’s a golf simulator for every taste and skill level. Read on to find out more!

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Bring the Course Home to You

At the Integrated Home, we partner with Golfzon to bring you the best golf simulators available, featuring hundreds of hyperrealistic courses, state-of-the-art swing and ball tracking sensors, and analytics software designed to improve your game with every shot you take. There are dozens of system upgrades as well, and we can help you pick the right ones for your home depending on your budget, available space, and project goals. Here are overviews of some of Golfzon’s most popular simulators. 

Base Models: The Wave

Golfzone’s Wave has everything most homeowners are looking for in their first golf simulator. The Wave is a launch monitor that can be connected to any gaming PC to create an entry-level simulator. At the Integrated Home, we will install the Wave launch monitor and connect it with your PC, using either Golfzone’s Vision or E6 Connect software. From there, we can help you pick and install the rest of your simulator’s environment, including fairway hitting mats, floor-mounted high-speed cameras, auto-tee ball retrieval, and more! But if, like many of our clients, you opt to go straight for the top-shelf simulator, we’ve got your back as well!

Top of the Line: The TwoVision Plus

The TwoVision Plus is Golfzon’s top-of-the-line simulator and the industry standard in engineering and performance. To start, it offers all of the same features as other models and a whole lot more. Here’s a brief summary of everything else you can expect from it. 

On the ground, you get a moving swing plate with 24 positions and a hyperrealistic, multi-surface hitting mat. Above and around you, multiple high-speed camera sensors can capture up to 400 frames per second. That means seeing each shot in perfect detail and real time from the moment you hit the ball until it lands back on the green. Finally, you get over 200 courses and optional upgrades, like a touchscreen monitor kiosk, virtual caddie, or even an auto-tee ball retrieval system. Not bad at all for a day indoors! 


Are you ready to spend some quality time indoors playing golf on hundreds of world-famous courses? If so, contact us today, and let’s bring the green right to your home!

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