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Articles tagged with: smart home technology

What Is Wi-Fi 6—and Is It Really That Fast?

How Wi-Fi 6 Will Change Home Networking

What Is Wi-Fi 6—and Is It Really That Fast?

Have you heard of Wi-Fi 6? It’s the next generation of Wi-Fi, which has faster speeds than ever. While the current Wi-Fi 5 runs on 3.5 Gbps (gigabits per second), Wi-Fi 6’s speeds reach 9.6 Gbps. But the new Wi-Fi offers much more than a speed boost. The way it’s programmed makes it possible to run more devices at once without slowing or crashing your network.

But how? We dive into the ins and outs of Wi-Fi 6 so you can understand all that’s to come in home networking. If your Charlotte, NC house currently includes multiple smart devices, the internet upgrade will be especially beneficial to you.

TAGS: Networking | Smart Home Automation | Smart Home Technology

Practice Your Swing All Winter Long with a Home Golf Simulator

It’s More Than Just a Video Game. Discover How GolfZon Vision Works

Practice Your Swing All Winter Long with a Home Golf Simulator

For the majority of the year in North Carolina, we have warm, sunny weather with enviable beaches. But our winters are cold, wet, and dreary, and if you’re an avid golf player in Lake Norman or the surrounding area, you know how hard it is to set aside your clubs for the season. With rain, frost, or snow on the course, you’ll have to either travel south to play or abandon your game.

But just because it’s wintertime, that’s no reason to let your golfing skills slip. With a high-end home golf simulator like GolfZon Vision in your home, you’ll be able to accurately practice your swing and lower your handicap as if your feet were planted on the green. How? Continue reading to learn more.

TAGS: Golf Simulator | Smart Home Technology

Lighting Control Systems Improve Moods & Reduce Headaches

Learn How Human-Centric Lighting Works and Will Enhance Your Charlotte Home

Lighting Control Systems Improve Moods & Reduce Headaches

We take wellness for granted until we aren’t feeling great: Sluggishness, fatigue, and migraines are all common ailments that affect most of us. According to a poll conducted by YouGov, only 1 in 7 Americans wakes up feeling well-rested every day of the week. We can try our best to get enough rest and relaxation, but oftentimes, life gets in the way. But what if we told you your home’s lighting could improve your wellbeing?

Smart lighting control systems have been known for use in commercial spaces and theaters, but they have gained prominence in homes for their tunable color and brightness features. To see how smart lighting can improve wellness in your Charlotte, NC home, learn more below!  

TAGS: Lighting Control | Smart Home Automation | Smart Home Technology

How to Merge Interior Design with Smart Home Technology

Elevate Living Spaces with These Stylish Smart Solutions

How to Merge Interior Design with Smart Home Technology

As an interior designer, you’re probably ahead of the curve when it comes to trends in color, fabrics, and furniture arrangements. But what about smart home technology? Many designers avoid dipping their toes into integrated technology because it seems too complicated, unrelated to design, or frankly, not visually appealing. But adding smart systems to your design portfolio will give you a competitive advantage over other designers in your area. Plus, there are stylish new devices built to blend in with each room’s facade (more on that below).

You don’t need to be a technology expert to add home automation to your interior design process. By partnering with a smart home company, you’ll open yourself up to new possibilities that homeowners will love. Keep reading to discover how Charlotte, NC homes will benefit from approaching technology with style.

TAGS: Residential Automation | Smart Home Technology