Sound That Isn’t Seen: The Benefits of Hidden Home Theater Speakers

When you go to your local cinema, have you noticed the speakers they use? No, probably not, because professional theaters usually employ architectural speakers—speakers built into the walls and ceiling. If you’re building a home theater system, should you use in-wall speakers too? Continue reading to see how they’ll benefit your Charlotte, NC home theater, and our tips for the best setup.

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Why Use Hidden Speakers?

In-wall speakers can make the most of any sized space and are particularly beneficial to smaller home theaters. Since hidden speakers can be installed behind a perforated projector screen, you’ll be able to install a large screen and direct sound straight from the action, enhancing your theater experience. In-wall speakers appear sleek and tidy, making the room look more like a well-planned theater than a space that happens to have speakers and a projector screen.

Brands to Consider

Made in Britain since 1977, Meridian crafts elegant and high-performance audio solutions, including their discreet in-wall loudspeakers. Meridian architectural speakers feature a full range sound with bass extension beyond 50Hz and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. Its Centre Elevation Technology raises audio to match the video on screen and has a 100mm installation depth.

Monitor Audio, another British manufacturer, creates easy-to-install On-Wall and In-Wall speakers with a variety of grille colors and images to suit your room’s décor. The keyhole fixings for On-Wall and corner brackets on the In-Wall models allow for a wire-free look, connecting cables in the wall captivity from the back.

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