How Can You Boost Your Home’s Cell Phone Signal?

How Can You Boost Your Home’s Cell Phone Signal?

Are you tired of being relegated to a specific corner of your Charlotte home to get reliable cell phone signal? Our phones are no longer solely used to make calls; we use them to stream our favorite entertainment, control our technology and read up on our favorite topics. This means that when you're designing your home, you should also take into account solutions that get you consistent coverage throughout your space. The Integrated Home does this by installing cell phone signal boosters that extend the reach of your signal.

How do Cell Phone Boosters Work?

Cell phone boosters are made up of an antenna, a signal amplifier, and an indoor antenna. Mount your first antenna where your coverage is the strongest. This can be near a window or even outside. The signal is received by the antenna and passed through a cable to your amplifier which then sends it to your indoor antenna. You can include multiple boosters in problem areas throughout your home.

These boosters also work inversely. There's no need to rely on home Wi-Fi to send out an email. Your smartphone signals just take the reverse route, sending the message to your indoor antenna, to the amplifier and back out through your main antenna.

Why Do You Need Cellphone Boosters?

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