How to Integrate Your Vehicle into Your Smart Home

How to Integrate Your Vehicle into Your Smart Home

We have covered a lot of details about how to use automation in your Charlotte, NC home, but what about your car? How does your vehicle fit into your electronic lifestyle? Many auto manufacturers are adding the newest automation technology to their cars, which is great for smart home owners—especially if you use Control4. Here are a few things you can do by integrating your ride into your smart home system. 

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Push to Start

You’ve seen the option to use a push button to start your vehicle, but what if you could take this to the next level and start your car from inside your house? With Control4, we can integrate your smart car into your system so all you have to do is touch a button on your mobile device and start the car early before you step foot out the door. This is especially helpful on those extra cold days when you want to warm up the car before you venture outside. It may not get below zero in Charlotte, but there are those times when you tend to run to your car to avoid the chills.

You can even set a daily schedule for the car to start 10 minutes before you leave for work. But if you don’t want to use up the extra gas, you could set the task to occur only when the temperature drops below 30 degrees. So you get to decide how cold is just too cold for you!

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