3 Things You May Not Know About Wireless Music

With so many options for wireless music systems today, it’s pretty easy to get lost in a sea of audio brands and equipment. Which one is best and matches your needs and specific preferences? The Integrated Home is here to help you not only understand how wireless music works, but also pick the right solution just for you and your family. With our help, you’ll be rocking out to your favorite playlist in no time, and playing DJ entertaining friends and family like a pro at your next house party.

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“Wireless Music” Doesn’t Mean There are No Wires

So you may be surprised to find out that there are wires in a wireless music system – that is unless you purchase a Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth speakers can be charged using a plug-in cord into the wall and then can be played anywhere without a power source until the battery dies. These are great for picnics, volleyball games, or any other fun outing where you want to bring music with you – but not transport heavy, expensive audio equipment. But these types aren’t what we are referring to when we talk about wireless music systems. It refers to connecting multiple speakers without wires so you can play the same song in multiple locations at once. For example, place a Sonos PLAY:1 speaker in each bedroom in your home, plug in the power source, and then connect all three using the app so you can play “Purple Rain” on all three simultaneously. You can play different songs on each one as well, but if you want all of them to sync, you need wireless speakers in order to do that.

You Can Use Accessories for Every Application

Our partner Sonos has a lot of different products to choose from – including soundbars, bookshelf speakers, and loudspeakers. But what if you want to install one on the wall? Or maybe you want to create a surround sound setup in the living room. This can be accomplished using audio accessories. Sonos speakers include screw ports for mounting hardware, but since they are uniquely shaped and somewhat heavy, they can be hard to mount. If you don’t have a shelf to put them on, then you need either speaker stands or wall mounts. We offer swivel wall mounts so you can reduce clutter in your room and stands to place your speakers on. If you want to match your soundbar to a flat-screen TV, we can help you mount that as well and fit it to size. Knowing that you have options when it comes to displaying your speakers is helpful when your rooms are different shapes and sizes.

You Can Integrate Them with Your Smart Home

Sonos systems and a lot of other wireless music systems can be integrated into your smart home – meaning you can sync them to other features like lights and shades. Not only can you enjoy the convenience of controlling your speakers with an iPhone or Android smartphone, but you can also play them, turn on your lights, and open your doors all at once. Sonos is compatible with Control4 and Savant smart home systems so you can incorporate music into a variety of scenes. For example, wake up to your favorite radio station and raise your shades at the same time. Play the news as you walk into the front door after work to catch up on what happened that day. You have many options with wireless devices.

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