3 Tips to Save Energy This Summer With Smart Home Technology

3 Tips to Save Energy This Summer With Smart Home Technology

North Carolina in the summertime means heat—and lots of it. With the humidity, it’s nearly impossible to get by without air conditioning flowing through your house. However, cooling costs can rack up your monthly bills immensely and negatively impact the environment.

Well, what can one do? Sweltering inside your home in the name of being resourceful isn’t a practical option. But with smart home technology like motorized shading, there are handy ways to save energy and stay cool at the same time.

To learn how to permanently optimize your Lake Norman, NC home’s energy use year-round, continue reading below!

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  1. Add Motorized Shading to Your Home

Motorized shades are an excellent option to routinely preserve a cool indoor temperature. With automated blinds like Lutron’s Serena smart shades in every room, you can easily connect each window to your smart control system like Control4. Set your shades to a timer based around your work schedule, or swipe on your smartphone to automatically lower every shade before departing.

While you may be thinking, “I can just lower my shades myself,” the odds of running around the house several times a day to pull down shades is slim. This way, your home will automatically keep itself at a comfortable temperature without significant energy use. Plus, Lutron offers sheer, translucent, and blackout fabric materials, so you’ll have the choice between how much light to block out.

  1. Incorporate A Smart Thermostat

Just like your motorized shades, a smart thermostat can be controlled remotely through your smartphone, tablet, or voice-activated speaker. Your thermostat will keep only the areas of your home cool that you select and will learn your daily routine for activation periods. You can schedule your thermostat from Control4 to specific hours of the day, so you’ll never accidentally leave it on, saving energy. Plus, if you want your home to stay chilled before you return home, all you need to do is turn it on before your travels home, returning to a cool embrace from your front door.

  1. Automate With Motion and Sun Sensors

Take your smart home further with sensors connected to your lighting, motorized shading, and cooling system. In vacant rooms without activity detected, lights will automatically turn off to save electricity. You can also incorporate sun sensors with your automated blinds, instantly lowering the shades once sun rays are detected. Every system will work together automatically to maintain a resourceful and comfortable home. 

Ready to make your home energy efficient with smart technology? The Integrated Home has the experience to create a custom solution for your home. Give us a call at (704) 412-4040, chat with a member of our team below, or fill out our form here.

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