Blend High-End Audio into Your Home’s Landscaping


Go Beyond the Traditional Speaker System with Outdoor Audio/Video

If you want to bring energy and high-quality listening to your backyard, a portable speaker or old boom box radio aren’t your only options. Coastal Source, a landscape lighting and audio manufacturer, builds weather-resistant speakers that stay installed outside year after year. Select playlists and albums on your phone or even put on a record inside, and rich music fills your lawn, garden, and patio.

Coastal Source can’t be found in a big-box store or ordered online because a landscape audio system requires the careful design and installation of a professional. The results? There’s nothing like your favorite music wafting through the air while the grill or fire pit crackles.

To see how an outdoor audio/video installation works and enhances your Charlotte, NC, property, read on below. 

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Powerful Sound: Bollard 3-Way Loudspeakers

Music often sounds clearer and more detailed when you crank the volume because it helps you hear the high, mid, and low-range frequencies. This can be harmful to your ears, but on a cheap speaker or headphones, you might not be able to balance all the frequency levels otherwise. It can be even more challenging to replicate audio outdoors.

That’s where Coastal Source’s 3-Way Bollard speakers save the day. Its large driver delivers both low, mid, and high-range frequencies, so you’ll enjoy the bass while noticing delicate piano melodies. The sleek speakers can be partially buried for a low-profile or freestanding in your lawn.

Bring the Bass: Partial Burial Subwoofer

Music isn’t quite the same without a strong bass. Indoors, you might have installed a subwoofer in a speaker setup. If you want to highlight low notes while you’re entertaining outside, Coastal Source’s Bollard Subwoofers include a larger driver to deliver those rumbling bass sounds. The subwoofer easily hides among your landscaping, partially buried among the plants and flowerpots.   

Small Yet Mighty: Bullet Speakers

These three-inch brass speakers resemble tiny spotlights and mingle among the plants and landscaping in your Charlotte backyard. A series of bullet speakers synced to the same system brings your tunes to every corner of the property. The brass material never corrodes or rusts, so next year or ten years from now, the speakers still look great.

Invisible Audio: Rock Speakers

If you want to feel like you’re escaping into nature, you can disguise the appearance of any technology with Coastal Source’s rock speakers. These stone-shaped speakers blend seamlessly into your landscaping while delivering quality sound over an eight-ohm driver and stainless-steel hardware.

How to Get Started with Coastal Source

Your local Coastal Source dealer (in Charlotte, NC, that’s The Integrated Home) will trench wires through your yard and connect the speakers to one system. If you have a standard 120-volt outlet outside, we can install the sound system without drilling holes into your home. If you’d like, we’ll integrate the speakers with your indoor multiroom setup. Coastal Source is fully compatible with other speakers and smart systems, and you can even sync them to your outdoor TV and lights.

Contact our team here to discuss your outdoor audio/video project, and we’ll schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to speaking with you!

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