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3 Essential Features for your Home Theater System

Customize your Personal Theater with these Must-Haves

3 Essential Features for your Home Theater System

You might be a huge movie buff or simply want a way to relax while enjoying a film with friends and family.  A custom home theater system can give you both the comfort and enhanced fixtures commercial theaters simply don’t have.  Impress guests – and yourself – with a new viewing experience like no other.  Installation and design might seem overwhelming, but there are three key features needed when planning your theater.  Read on to learn how a perfect home theater design for you will amaze every viewer in your Charlotte, NC home.

1. Stellar Screen and Surround Sound

If you want to recreate the amazing visuals of a commercial theater, you need a 4K Ultra High-Definition projector. Even on a screen large enough to fill the entire wall, you won’t be able to see any pixelation or blurriness. Instead, you get a crisp, clear picture.


Second, you’ll want a surround sound system that gives you the feeling of actually being in the movie. With surround sound, the speakers are strategically placed overhead, to the sides, behind, and in front of you to create a fully immersive listening experience.

2. The Right Seating

The style, material, and position of your home theater seating will make a big difference in the overall experience. As your home theater installer, we’ll be able to provide recommendations on the perfect seating based on room size and how many people you want to accommodate seating for within the space. 

Choosing the wrong material or seating style can affect the audio and acoustics of the room. We want sound to fill your ears, not bounce off a high-backed chair. Of course, comfort and home theater design style also play a role! You’ll want seats that are comfy, stylish, and visually appealing. 

3. Proper Lighting

Depending on where you want your theater, there could be small or large windows involved.  To avoid washing out the theater screen with ambient light, install motorized shades.  Blackout shades remove the worry of on-screen glare since they completely block out the light. With the press of a button, automatically lower or roll up blinds.  If the theater is not in use, we could install double shades that have two different styles in one window. Then, you have the option to lower sheer shades with any pattern or color you’d prefer.  

For artificial light, we recommend connecting the theater’s light fixtures to a home control system that sets the perfect brightness at the push of a button. The overhead lights will dim to keep the focus on the film, but when you need to pause the movie for a bathroom break or drink refill, the lights can automatically brighten to lead you safely to the door.

Customizing a home theater system specifically for you and your family is the best approach.  To learn more about the best options for your North Carolina home, call us at (704) 412-4040 or fill out this quick form.