A Content Guide for Charlotte Home Theaters

A Content Guide for Charlotte Home Theaters

Have you cut your cable cord yet? While many families still pay for a monthly cable service, many are opting out for video streaming subscription services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and more. Each one has its own unique content and different options for streaming quality. So how do you choose which video streaming device you use to play all the content you love on your home theater system? Read this guide to get a sense of what each one has to offer. We have Kaleidescape, Roku and VUDU for you to choose from.

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 1. Kaleidescape

Kaleidescape is a movie server that houses 4K and HD content for you to rent or purchase. However, instead of streaming the movie (which involves playing content over an Internet connection) you download it first and then play it. Streaming content will never be as good as playing a digital file or disc because it relies on the stability of the Internet connection to perform well, and the truth is that isn’t always up to par. Plus, when you play content locally, your TV or projector already has all of the information it needs to produce the picture so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t show you everything it should. Another benefit of using Kaleidescape is that you can keep your movie collection on a digital platform instead of using up precious space in your house. That way you can browse through you most beloved films as well as new ones all on the same platform.

2. Roku

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