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3 Whole House Music Scenes for the New Year

New Year, New Music Options

3 Whole House Music Scenes for the New Year

When the New Year arrives, we all take a hard look at what we can improve. We reflect on past memories and set goals for the upcoming year. Perhaps you feel you need to learn how to relax more when you’re not at work, or maybe you want to start exercising more often. Whatever your goals are, music can help! Many studies confirm that music benefits our physical and mental health. Music can motivate you to work out harder, improve your sleep quality, help you cope with pain, and reduce stress among many other health benefits. In this blog, we give you some ideas on how to use whole house music system in your Lake Norman, NC home to help achieve your goals in 2017.

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Good music is an essential ingredient to a fun party. But have you ever had trouble setting up an audio system the day of the event? It’s definitely a buzz-kill when your friends and family are ready to dance to some tunes, but you can’t get the audio system to work. Additionally, if you own just one system, you may have to move it outside or into another room where the main events are happening, which is extra time and effort.

However, when you have a whole house music system, you can turn on your music playlists with just the press of a button and stream it to any room in your house--even outside! All you have to do is pick a source, like Spotify, or create a custom playlist for your party with your personal collection, and then save it to a smart home scene for a later date.

Your scene can incorporate video, security, lighting, shading, and more. Pick a name, such as “Cocktail Party”, and then when the time is right all you have to do is open the Control4 or Sonos app on your tablet or smartphone and touch that name. Your music will start playing out of all the speakers in your home automatically, or just in the area you designate. If you have Amazon’s Alexa, you could also start the scene by saying, “Alexa, turn on Cocktail Party!”


After the day is done and your family is off to bed, there’s no better way to unwind than with a few great songs, a comfortable chair, and a soothing beverage. If you’re a true audiophile, you’ll want a dedicated listening room is a space in your home designed for the very best sound quality. Here you’ll have your high-fidelity stereo system, the most robust sounding free-standing speakers and specialized acoustic treatments in the walls to make your home sound like a state-of-the-art music studio. Keep in mind you can relax and unwind in any part of your home with a whole house music system, like in the backyard, the home theater, or your bedroom.


Whether you are a natural athlete training for a special event, or just attempting to shed some weight after the holidays, music can help motivate you to action. If you need that extra kick to get you out of bed in the morning, pick lively songs and then save them under a “Good Morning” scene. Instead of waking up to an annoying, blaring alarm, you get to hear your favorite artist instead. At the same time, your shades will rise to let in the morning sun, and the TV will turn on to show you the news.

When it’s time to go for a run in your home gym or work around the house, choose some upbeat songs to listen to. With music streaming at your side, you can pick from endless amounts of songs and playlists. Spotify and Pandora are just a couple subscription-based music services that have themed playlists for workouts.

If you want to manage your music quickly and easily, contact us and we will install a music system that meets all of your needs for work and play.