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Partner with a Control4 Dealer to Build or Renovate Your New Home

Make Your Charlotte Home The Smartest on the Block

Partner with a Control4 Dealer to Build or Renovate Your New Home

So you’ve purchased a new home or piece of property to build one, and you are excited about all of the possibilities. Your options are endless, but the key is that you have to make those important decisions now – in the beginning of the build or renovation process. Will you tear down some walls to create an open concept? Will you put in tile or wood floors? And the most important decision (in our opinion), will you make your new home smart? There are many things you should know about installing smart home automation in a new home. Here are some tips from your local Control4 dealer in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Why should I invest in smart home automation in my new home? 

According to a joint survey done by Coldwell Banker, 28 percent of Americans already own a smart home product, and 91 percent of people who own a smart home would recommend one to others. A survey of more than 500 sales associates affiliated with the Coldwell Banker® brand found that buyers are asking, "How smart is this home?" Nearly two in three (64 percent) of the sales associates surveyed agreed that buyers today are more interested in homes with smart home features and technology than they were two to five years ago. So not only are families and millennials adopting smart home technology products faster, but they are also more willing to invest in a smart home since they believe it will bring them greater benefits long-term.

The most popular features are as follows:

Security and Surveillance Systems: 65%

Climate Control: 57%

Lighting Control: 46%

Entertainment: 42%

Smart Appliances: 23%

Beyond the simple realization that smart homes are becoming increasingly popular and financially lucrative, is the fact that living in a smart home will bring you the everyday benefits of saving energy, convenience, and safety. Living an electronic lifestyle will make your daily schedule easier to manage, and you can have a lot of fun with your system too.

Will it be too difficult to install new technology in an old home?

Years ago in the early days of smart home automation, most systems were designed to be installed in newly constructed homes. Back then, the housing market consisted of building new housing developments, so it was fairly simple to install automation, security, and whole house AV systems in them. Today, we are largely living in a remodelers market – depending on the location in the country. Many families are interested in older homes with character, unique architecture, and saving money by purchasing a fixer upper. Are you a fan of the show Property Brothers? Just watch HGTV and you’ll see what we mean. If you buy an older home, you may wonder if you can still enjoy the benefits of smart home automation. The good news is you can! New wireless technology allows you to enjoy living in an older home without tearing down walls and adding wires. Control4 systems can be integrated with wireless technology, so your lights, shades, security, and more can communicate with each other through a strong network. The most important aspect of a remodel is working with the right people. Our team is skilled and experienced at updating older homes with technology. We’ll work with you to keep the integrity of your older home and satisfy your appetite for modern amenities. 

What can I expect during the installation and build process? 

New homes require a different type of structured wiring than homes that have already been built. In existing homes, installers won’t want to cut any more holes in the walls than are necessary. But in new construction, plans can be made in advance so that the proper wiring is in place before the wallboard is ever installed. Have your builder work with a Control4 dealer like us so that your new home is as smart as it is comfortable. During a new home construction, you can expect to work with different teams like interior designers, contractors, and audio video designers and installers. We’ll work with everyone on the team to achieve the same goal – making your new home stunning. 

Why should I partner with a Control4 Dealer?

We have a number of blogs that explain the reasons why we have chosen to be a premier Control4 Dealer. Take a look!

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