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The Best Home Theater Systems for Your Charlotte Living Room

4K TVs and Kaleidescape Movie Server Enhance Media Rooms

The Best Home Theater Systems for Your Charlotte Living Room

With so many new technologies on the market today, you may wonder if it's really worth it to upgrade your home theater system with the newest features in your Charlotte, North Carolina home. We are here to tell you that 4K TVs and the Kaleidescape Movie Server are some of the best products you can add to your family room right now that are well worth the effort. Read on to learn about why 4K is here to stay.

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You may be wondering if upgrading to 4K is really worth it. After all, why do all the work of setting up a new home theater system if you like the one you have? The truth is that the newest models of 4K TVs have all of the latest enhancements, including high-contrast, brightness, depth of color, high frame rates, and of course – high resolution. TVs that are in UHD have four times the amount of pixels than HD. This means that you can sit just a few feet away from the screen and not see any of those 8 million pixels. UHD TVs are so detailed and clear that they almost look 3D, like the picture is popping out at you. Also, available 4K content is growing at a rapid pace. UHD Blu-rays were released at CES 2016, and Netflix, VUDU, and Amazon Prime have already started developing 4K content beyond what they already have available for viewing. You can also purchase many 4K movies through the new Kaleidescape Movie Server Strato.


Collecting movies can create clutter. Who really wants a giant shelf of cases to display? It's not exactly interior design friendly. But with a Kaleidescape movie server you can create digital copies of your movie collection and store everything you buy on the server. The user interface is stunning and easy to use so you can navigate through older favorites and new releases in seconds. Their new Encore line includes the only 4K movie server, the Strato. Choose from the latest movies in 4K Ultra HD and high-dynamic range. The Strato can play movies in 4K up to 60 frames per second. It also supports Dolby Atmos surround sound systems. This product, rated best new product at CEDIA in 2015, can store up to 100 4K movies, 200 Blu-rays, or 900 DVDs. You'll be able to buy new films instantly and load your physical collection for digital access.

Complete Home Theater System Set-up

To enjoy the best quality home entertainment experience, you need a professional to install the components. Gone are the days you can simply go to the local AV store, pick a TV, and mount it on the wall and expect to achieve the "wow factor". Our team will assess your room, install a TV or projector and screen that fits best, and set-up all the components correctly to optimize the picture and sound. If you already have a smart home system, we'll connect it wirelessly so you can access all your favorite channels and sources on one simple mobile device.

Would you like us to set-up and install a brand new home theater system for you? Simply fill out this online form and we'll help you get started on transforming your home entertainment experience.