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Transform Your Living Room into a Home Theater with Media Room Designs

Turn Your Living Space into a Multipurpose Room with Hidden Technology

Transform Your Living Room into a Home Theater with Media Room Designs

The demand for dedicated home theaters is certainly changing. More homeowners want a multipurpose media room instead because they either don’t have the extra room or they feel it doesn’t fit their lifestyle. This isn’t exactly surprising since most families interact in the communal environments of a home. In a media room, your kids can watch cartoons while you cook dinner in the kitchen and you can still keep an eye on them. There’s definitely added benefits to keeping your theater system in the living room instead of the basement. But how do you keep the room looking beautiful while still performing perfectly when you want to enjoy a movie or play a video game? We have the answers in today’s blog on media room design.

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Hiding Your Technology

There’s a common scenario that often plays out in Charlotte, NC homes – the husband wants a large flat-screen TV and full surround system in the living room. If he’s an audiophile, he probably wants to situate multiple loudspeakers in the room to create his sound nirvana experience. But the wife is more concerned about how all of this equipment is going to look. Whether it’s the husband or wife in the partnership, usually one of them focuses on the interior design while the other makes good, quality performance the priority. But when you work with The Integrated Home, you can have your cake and eat it to. We can hide all of the audio/video components so you only see them when you want to. Here are a few ways we accomplish that:

Motorization: We’ll hide a TV or screen in the ceiling or other wall enclosure and install a motorized lift so that it’s only visible when you want to use it. Push a button and the TV or screen will appear instantly out of the wall, creating that ‘wow’ factor.

Mirror TVs: Seura has designed TVs that are hidden in beautiful mirrors. One moment you look at the stylish mirror in your living room and see your reflection, and the next a movie appears in the middle of the glass.

In-wall Speakers: Our team can install invisible speakers in your living room so you don’t see the audio equipment at all. The magic of it is that professionally designed speakers live in your ceilings and walls and don’t even affect the infrastructure of your house.

Transforming Your Environment

The exciting part is magically revealing your media room by pressing a button on your mobile device or keypad on the wall. With one touch, your screen drops out of the ceiling in front of your window, the speakers turn on, the projector starts your movie and the lights dim. Create scenes for all kinds of occasions, like gaming events, movie parties, or football games.

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