Is Your Surveillance System Really Protecting Your Home?


Did you know that police typically only solve 13 percent of home invasions due to lack of witnesses or evidence? In case of a break-in, a surveillance system can help you catch the perpetrators to recover your property and avoid a second offense.

For that very reason, visible surveillance cameras will deter robbers from targeting your home altogether. Thieves know if they’re seen, they’ll likely be caught.

But installing a few security cameras is not enough to protect your Charlotte, NC home. The wrong ones or poor installation could result in significant holes in your surveillance system.  

We cover the biggest surveillance camera mistakes below (as well as how to fix them, of course).

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Choosing the Wrong Camera 

We’ve noticed in recent years that families are settling for cheap wireless cameras for their surveillance. These don’t record footage, have lower image quality, and are not effective at night or outdoors.

Instead, you should invest in dedicated security cameras that serve a specific purpose whether they’re watching over your backyard or monitoring the living room. 

Do you need zoom capabilities? Should they have enclosures for added protection? Is there a need for a built-in light source? It will all depend on how and where you use them. We can advise you on which are the best options for each location in your home. 

Going With the Wrong Location

Speaking of location, if your cameras aren't covering your most vulnerable areas, then you could miss out on valuable footage. Below are some tips on how and where to install cameras within your surveillance system:

    • Access Points: These cameras should be visible to ward off intruders, have sturdy enclosures to avoid environmental damage and human tampering, and have a fixed view of doors, windows, garages, and gates.  
    • Perimeter: You should also include fixed bullet cameras on your perimeter to watch over your garage, backyard, and patio. By catching dangerous activity before it reaches your front door, you can be proactive about protecting your family. 
    • Indoor Areas: Don’t forget about adding cameras to your indoor spaces as well. We recommend installing a 360-degree camera at the center of the room. This way you won’t have blind spots in the corners or directly under the camera. 

Not Integrating With Security  

What good is a security camera if you have no way to respond if there’s suspicious activity? You should link up your surveillance to a smart security system. Here are some benefits to an integrated approach:  

    • Alerts: Receive an alert as soon as suspicious activity is detected. Check live footage on your phone to gauge the situation and see if you need to contact authorities. 
    • Automated Responses: You can also have the security system automatically respond in case of an emergency. For example, if someone enters your home after dark, lights turn on automatically to alert the intruder and get better surveillance footage. 

Not Having a Plan for Footage 

If there is a fire, flood or break-in, you need to have a quick and easy way to find the relevant clips. You shouldn’t have to wade through hours of useless footage for a 15 or 30-minute event. 

Invest in a smart surveillance system that makes it easy to find what you need. For one, you should be able to search by date and time. 

You can also go with cameras that only record when the fire alarm goes off, there’s movement in front of them, or during certain pre-set hours. This way there's less footage to sift through.

Want to find out about the essential surveillance features for your home? Learn more by calling (704) 412-4040 or by filling out our online contact form.

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