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How to Automate Your Holiday Lights

Use Lighting Control to Enhance Holiday Décor in Your Charlotte, NC Home

How to Automate Your Holiday Lights

The holidays are an especially beautiful time of year. Lights brighten the neighborhood and make trees glitter. December is the best time to light up your home with seasonal décor and displays. Home lighting control makes managing your decorations and lights easy and fun in your Charlotte, North Carolina home. You may already be familiar with how dimmers, automated lighting, and mobile controls work—but we’ve come up with some ideas on how to use lighting technology to make this season (as well as all of them) extra special this year.

Make a Spectacular Holiday Display with Automated Lighting

If you love Christmastime, it’s likely you won’t forget to turn the lights on. However, with automated controls, you can pick the time you want the lights to go on every night and let it turn on itself—giving you more time to manage other important items. Simply open the Control4 Composer Home Edition software, select the zone of lights that are hanging on the house outside and the Christmas tree, and then pick a time for them to turn on every night. Our team can automate your system remotely so that all of your decorations come on at once—not just the lights—but the toys, videos, and music too. When you can control everything, you don’t have to take up lots of time unplugging every electronic before bed.
Do you want to leave the Christmas lights on late into the night, but you need to hit the sack early? Use timers to schedule the lights to go off later so that the whole neighborhood can enjoy your beautiful showmanship—even while you’re sleeping.

Enhance Decor With Dimmers

Lighting levels are a big part of setting the mood in your home. Bright lighting can invigorate you while soft lighting can make you feel relaxed. Lutron and Control4 dimmers make it easy to enhance your lighting and control your environment for every occasion. We offer wireless solutions for automating and controlling LEDs, track lighting, floor and table lamps, sconces, spotlights and outdoor lighting. With this technology, you can access every lighting fixture in your home and dim lighting levels from your keypad on the wall, smartphone, or other mobile device.
When it’s time to have your holiday meal, hit a button on your phone or tablet to dim the lights down for an elegant atmosphere. Your decorations will really shine bright when the rest of the house lights are dimmed down darker.

Illuminate Art and Activities with Smart Lighting

Lighting levels and special settings can do a lot to enhance your decor, but the location you install your lights and the overall design of the layout also plays a large part on how your room ends up looking. If you have a lot of artwork or seasonal displays in your home, we can put lights around them to illuminate the beauty of the pieces. In the kitchen, our team can install under-cabinet lighting to illuminate the granite counter tops and give you better visibility as you cook. Whether you are having a cookie-baking party, or simply want to brighten up your nativity scene, smart lighting helps illuminate all of your activities.

Whichever furnishing or seasonal display you want to bring attention to, The Integrated Home can help by providing the perfect design for your spaces. We work with builders, architects, and interior designers to integrate your entire home with automation. Our team can meet all of your needs, any time of the year. Simply contact us by filling out this online form.