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Take Your Gaming to the Next Level with Media Room Design

Enjoy Movies, Music, Games and More This Summer with Automation

Take Your Gaming to the Next Level with Media Room Design

What are your plans this summer? With school out and many couples taking time off work for vacation, it’s time to consider where you’ll be having all that fun. Of course you don’t have to leave home to make your summer memorable and enjoyable. You can stay right in your Charlotte, NC house and have the time of your life. One way to make your home a destination for fun is by installing a media room for watching movies, listening to music and playing games. Here are some ways to incorporate home automation into your media room.

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A popular and often addictive activity during the summer is playing video games. But how do you take your gaming sessions to the next level? Whether you are playing vintage consoles like Playstation or new ones like XBOX One, a video wall is a great way to display all the players’ views in the room. A video wall is made up of multiple televisions. You can display one large image on all of them or create a grid of multiple channels or views at once. Let’s say you are playing the classic Mario Kart, each player can follow their path on the large TV and enjoy an immersive experience. Add a surround sound system and you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of a battle. If you need to pause, just press a button on the Control4 universal remote. The lights will come on, the game will stop, and you can pick up where you left off in a hurry.


Many people look forward to the summer blockbusters Hollywood puts out, but did you know you can enjoy the latest movies at home and skip the crowds? It’s fun to go to a premier night; that is if you don’t mind the lack of space and the noise inside. Movie players like Kaleidescape offer 4K downloads of recent movies, and memberships like Prima Cinema give you access to brand new movies on opening weekend.

In the past, only Hollywood insiders could view theatrically released films at home, but now you can watch new movies on your screen right when they come out opening weekend. To enjoy both video games and movies in one location, The Integrated Home recommends installing the video wall on one end of the room and then also installing a screen in the ceiling that comes down over the video wall. When you’re ready to watch a flick, press a button on the remote to bring down the screen and turn on the projector so that you get to enjoy an extra-large image. Put fun seating for kids and adults in the area, such as beanbags, sofas, and recliners to make the room feel fun and inviting.


A game room isn’t complete without a pool table or card table, and music is the perfect accompaniment to those activities. Our quality speakers can live inside your walls so you can use all that space for games and not AV equipment. You can select from hundreds of music sources like Pandora, Spotify, and iTunes and easily create playlists. Add the music lists to smart home scenes like “TGIF” and you can press one button and the music will turn on, the lights over the pool table brighten, and the thermostat turns down the temperature to make the room nice and cool.

If you think a game room will be the perfect addition to your home for summertime fun, send us a message online.

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