How Important is High-Quality Audio When Watching a Movie?

This past Halloween, I had the great idea of taking the family out to see a scary movie at the local drive-in. With the cool weather, it seemed like the perfect activity for a spooky evening together.

It turned out to be a terrible idea. We weren’t the only ones to think of it. With everyone’s engines running, we could barely hear anything through our portable radio or even the car’s speakers.

Even with a clear view of the screen, it was impossible to enjoy the movie when we couldn’t hear the creaking of the door or the whispers between panicked protagonists.

Since then, we’ve resolved to watch scary movies in the comfort of our Charlotte, NC home where we can take full advantage of our high-end surround sound system.

A properly installed system can make all the difference when enjoying your favorite movie whether it’s a romantic comedy or explosive action movie.

Clear Dialogue

The main problem at our failed drive-in outing was that the movie soundtrack was always way louder than the dialogue. So if we cranked up the volume, we still barely heard the conversation and risked going deaf when the music cut back in.

This is actually a common complaint we hear from clients when they want to improve the audio quality in their media room, theater, or bedroom. The good news? Surround sound provides the ideal solution.

In every surround sound layout, no matter the number of speakers, there is one central speaker. This ‘center channel' is primarily in charge of dialogue. You can adjust it independently, so it matches up better with the rest of the movie.

Crisp Audio

Don’t want to crank up the volume to enjoy every detail? You shouldn’t have to. Invest in high-quality speakers that offer crystal clear audio at any volume.

This is perfect if you want to watch a late-night movie while the kids sleep. You’ll be able to enjoy the dialogue, sound effects and soundtrack without risking waking them up.

If you’re enjoying an action movie in your dedicated theater, you can get as loud as you want! Listen to every hair-raising explosion without having sound distorted at a high volume.

Immersive Sound

There’s a reason it’s called surround sound. The primary benefit is that you’ll hear audio encompassing you from all sides.

We recommend going with a Dolby Atmos installation. With layouts ranging from seven to 14 speakers, you can even hear sound coming from above.

Build up the suspense by hearing the planes flying directly overhead during a fight scene or by knowing exactly where that rustling of leaves came from in the forest.

You can check out one of our earlier blogs to learn more about how Dolby Atmos works to see if it’s the right fit for your theater or media room.

What’s your biggest audio pet peeve when watching a movie? Is it muffled dialogue or inaudible sound effects? Whatever the issue, we can find the ideal speakers or layout to solve the problem. Just reach out by calling (704) 412-4040 or by filling out our online contact form.

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