Smart Lighting Just Got Smarter with Control4 OS 3.3.0

Smart Lighting Just Got Smarter with Control4 OS 3.3.0

The Upgraded Control4 Operating System Offers Effortless Control of Tunable Lighting

Today’s smart lighting brings exceptional design and functionality. With one tap, you can change the color of your lights, dim or brighten them, and turn them on or off throughout your home or in one room. 

In 2022, Control4 made the process even easier—giving homeowners effortless control of their lighting. Let’s look at what this means to homes in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas.

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Automated Lighting

Lighting is one of the most popular smart home technologies. One tap on a touch screen panel, in-wall keypad, or handheld remote can turn off all the lights in a home, set the mood for dining, or illuminate the landscape lights. 

When automated, your lighting becomes even easier, changing throughout the day based on the level of daylight or set to automatically transform based on an astronomical time clock. Then, Ketra and Lutron joined forces, and the world of lighting transformed forever. 

Tunable Lighting from Ketra

There was a time when our choice of lighting was soft or bright white light. We could dim or brighten these lights, but the color remained fairly constant. Then, Ketra introduced dynamic spectrum lighting. This gives homeowners access to every color in the visible light spectrum—that’s about 17 million colors in different shades and hues, from bright, saturated light to soft pastels. 

And all of this light comes from one single LED light source. 

Now, you can change the mood in any room or outdoor space. For instance, highlight fine works of art and water features with different colors, depending on the atmosphere desired and the occasion. When you have friends over, set the patio and outdoor lights to a warm candlelight glow, bring the color of the cool arctic sky into the bathroom, and illuminate the living room in a splash of turquoise. The only limit is your imagination.

These lights can also transform throughout the day, shifting in color as the sun’s light changes. Wake to lights the color of a soft sunrise, spend the midday in blue-toned lights that help keep you energized, and relax in the evening when warm, soft red lighting tells your body it's time to rest.

Effortless Control

In 2022, Control4’s updated operating system, OS version 3.3.0, introduced a native lighting color wheel that enables users to control tunable lighting effortlessly. The vibrant color wheel offers real-time control and enables preset scenes, so you can recall your favorite hues and ambiance in every room. Users can quickly change the mood of a room using Control4’s user-friendly interface on a touchscreen panel or mobile app. When it’s time for bed, change the ceiling into a night sky before the lights softly dim and disappear as you drift off to sleep. 

The new and improved OS 3.3.0 also enables users to quickly connect to their Control4 smart home system using their smartphone while away from home.


At The Integrated Home, we enhance our clients’ everyday lives by integrating the latest smart home technology that offers effortless living and enjoyment. To learn more about Control4 home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact The Integrated Home today.

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